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Romantic Wedding Getaway - The Old Mill Inn

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Old Mill Inn wedding photographer
Old Mill Inn front gate

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Beautifully constructed wooden bridge

The Old Mill Inn is a favourite amongst couples who are looking for a sense of class and elegance during their wedding day. Nestled beautifully to the west of the intersection of Bloor St and Jane St, the Old Mill is surrounded by the green oasis of Humber Valley and Humber River. This wedding destination is most well-known for its English Tudor architecture style along with its second to none hospitality. Robert Home Smith, one of the estate's owners in the early 1900's had a vision when he purchased it, had a vision and motto "A little bit of England far from England" when he used the unique architecture style to create a Toronto suburb of grace and tranquility.

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English Tudor architecture

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Elegant vine decoration

The estate began as a sawmill named Kings Mill by the Queen's Rangers commissioned by the French colonist, Samuel de Champlain. This essentially marked by very first industrial site of what is known today as the City of Toronto. Since then, Home Smith took over the ownership of this estate and turned it into a haven of luxurious entertainment such as live music and dances, as well as fine dining that rich people come for. Later, the Print Room and the Dance Hall were added to enrich customer's experience.

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Charming tea house

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Unique restaurant door

The inn saw much of Toronto's city development, and withstood both world wars and Hurricane Hazel. While the latter nearly brought Old Mill on its knees, it did not suffer a catastrophic blow. In fact, with its increased popularity among the residents of Toronto as travelers from afar, the Humber Banquet Hall was added as a new feature for private parties. The complex is most well known for its elegantly decorated wood panels and lead-paned windows that overlook the mesmerizing picturesque Humber Valley. Over the time span of 1960-1970's, Old Mill drew from its unique history on witnessing the growing and development of the city and steadily became a very well-known landmark to the ever-sprawling Toronto!

Old Mill wedding photography
Old Mill Inn waiting area

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Old Mill Inn lobby

The addition of a wedding chapel in 1973, the year Old Mill was reportedly saved from demolition by a local, WIlliam Hogson, paved the way for the estate to turn into a favourite wedding venue by the residents living within the vicinity. Now featuring 57 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites, a full-service spa as well as a second-to-none hospitality that only its elegance can match, Old Mill is one of those estates that provide a complete wedding service, from bridal prep to dinner reception. What is noteworthy is that no photography permit is required should your wedding be held in the estate.

For a complete electronic brochure on what Old Mill can do for you on your big day, visit

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Wedding Garden

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Wedding ceremony garden

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