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Manor of Elegance -Oakview Terrace

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Oakview Manor

Bridal Path

Path to the Ceremony

The elegant Oakview Terrace Manor is situated in Richmond Hill - 45 minutes drive north of Toronto. Situated in the suburb of the Greater Toronto Area, this 28 acre reception centre provides a truly quiet setting for people looking to host weddings, events, conferences, corporate outings, parties and gatherings, with a touch of luxury. The manor comes with a parking lot that can hold 300 cars, as well as a 5-bedroom guesthouse that can accommodate overnight guests through the ever so popular Airbnb. The popularity of the Oakview Terrace is testified by a large number of wedding and event photos taken on-site. The most notable event hosted at the manor was the Royal Luncheon by the Duke of York - Prince Andrew, the Royal Knight of the Garter, during his visit of the Queen's York Rangers of Aurora on June 5th, 2014. The Royal Knight commended on the beautiful manor himself when he saw the serene, yet elegant, manor upon his arrival. To this day, the Oakview Terrace hosts at least one event daily.

Oakview Terrace wedding photographer
Reception Centre patio

At the heart of the manor sits the 4000 square foot Reception Centre that can host wedding reception, party dinning, celebration events, training and press conferences, and corporate events among many others. The main ball room is sufficiently spacious to seat 200 guests comfortably. The western wing of the centre is an antechamber that can also be used for preparation of the main event, and contains a LLBO-certified bar for liquor services. Guests can also sit on the patio outside - either on a relaxing and sunny morning, or on a breezy and refreshing summer afternoon.

Oakview Terrace wedding photographer
Morning sunlight on the patio

There is a gazebo at the end of the patio. The gazebo is elevated from the rest of the reception garden and provides a truly breathtaking view of the heart-shaped Haynes Lake that will leave a sense of romance and splendor to your guests. It is particularly rewarding to take a seat in the gazebo during early morning and during the fall time, as one can bathe in the warm and majestic light coming out of the dawning sun, and appreciate the fall foliage that surrounds the heart-shaped jewel - the Haynes Lake. (Prince Andrew took a personal liking when he first laid his eyes on the lake.) A sip of Caffè Lattè or Earl Grey to help immerse yourself in the grandeur scene and take in the serene surrounding will leave you rejuvenated for the entire day!

Oakview Terrace wedding photographer
Oakview Terrace gazebo in sunlight

Oakview Terrace wedding photographer
Haynes Lake

Located in the backyard of the reception centre is a gorgeous garden for your outdoor activity needs. A small wooden pavilion with beautifully done wooden carvings coated with green ivies and the rich floral decoration throughout the garden brings about a sense of class and elegance. Tables and seats can also be arranged and placed in the garden to cater your outdoor dinning needs: guests can entertain themselves with games and activities, followed by a meal, with the magnificent nature as the backdrop.

Oakview Terrace wedding photographer
Wooden pavilion

Oakview Terrace wedding photographer
Main garden

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for couples looking to host their wedding at Oakview Terrace, is the manor's on-site chapel. The a wooden chapel can seat 225 guests comfortably. Its design, while simple on the outside, gives a sense of grandeur and elegance on the inside - a theme that matches the entire manor. Guests entering the chapel is first met with a beautifully custom-designed arch-shaped wooden doorway. The same wall contains enough windows that allows enough light to get into the building. The two hanging lamps and the door handles are tastefully shaped to boost the overall appeal of the chapel, making it much more photogenic. As guests steps through the door into the chapel, they will be greeted by a spacious interior, thanks to its architectural design. The ceremony altar is decorated with curtain-shaped drapes that will no doubt make the couple's experience all the more unforgettable.

Oakview Terrace wedding photographer
Chapel sign

Oakview Terrace wedding photographer
Chapel entrance

Oakview Terrace wedding photographer
Chapel interior

For information regarding reservation of the manor, please contact Lily: Phone: 416-888-3483.

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